Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Maria's tummy

Hi everyone! For the record, my tummy is now 5 months old. I'm about to end my 2nd trimester of pregnancy. My dailies is even more exciting. Soft movements inside of my tummy is now remarkable. It's really special...believe me :-)

As usual, Im tight up with my schedule. My parttime work...my driving lesson and running our errands. Hmmmnn...Even baby sked is now up to my agenda. It's quite busy nowadays. I decided now not to go to school for further professional study. I just coudn't do it along with other things. I'm already in and out of my swimming lesson but I would really try to do it deligently when I'm back after vacation. It's not because I'm busy but the reason that I just don't like to wear my two piece swimsuit with my bulging stomach :-) Luckily, I just bought a pregnancy tankini. Just on time for a beach treat this late summer.

By mid-December I'll start a pregnancy gymnastic course. It could be more fascinating I think :-) Most of my colleagues now know that I'm preggy. Some just did'nt noticed it until I told them. One said that she's ashamed of her tummy which is bigger than mine...hehehheh!
So far so good. I tried to enjoy this special time. Anyone surrounds me is very supportive. Many of them already gave baby stuff. Many are handed-downs which are just good as new. As of press time, our baby room is almost ready :-) Are we not obvious? We already know our baby's gender...but then we will just keep it with close friends and family. Hopefully I will download our filmed 19th week ultrasound sometime. Just keep on track at my journal.

Next time I'll try to share my driving escapade. It's something to jot down how's being an automobolist here in the Netherlands. I'll try when I have sometime after our vacation. Where we going? We will fly to the land of Flamengo, tapas and bull fighting :-) in Spain. There I would like to check out the roots of our former conquerors. Well, not to mention the Spanish occupation to the Philippines, where my forefathers had their 'buenas gracias, noches' great influence. It's something, right? Anyway, it's our plan to rest there and do something else that we can't here in the flatland.

I'll post pictures later. uhmmm...I think I've promised many things here. We will just see :-)
Bye for now.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Kruimeltjes heart beat

We already heard for the first time our baby's heatbeat dated last friday (22/08/08). It was special. When I heard it, it was like O my God! A life breathing inside of me! We heard something like a brushing of wind, a creature just learning how to catch his breath. Amazing I should say.

At this stage, our kruimel has now developed his/her twenty tiny nails. Starts to identify the dark and light. So in the morning, I try to catch sunshine and expose my belly for the baby to feel that it's daytime.

Just last saturday night, when I was lying on bed, I had felt the move of the baby the first that I've ever notice, that made me laugh...it was a little bit ticklish though.

Just had a pose of my 4 months old tummy :-)

By the way, I'm starting my list of baby names. After sunday church service, we walked down to a coffee shop and right there I did while hubby was busy reading a magazine. So far, I got five names for every gender. Take note, it was just for an hour...maybe I can write a book out of names for the next few months :-)

Have a nice day !

Monday, July 28, 2008

2nd ultrasound

This afternoon will go to our midwife. I'm three months on the way. Actually, I passed now the 1st trimester of my pregnancy. Later we will have our second ultrasound. This time we can see and hear the heartbeat. It's exciting to see how our "kruimel" lies inside of my tummy. According to the book that I'm reading, the baby by now has an heartbeat of 120-160 per minute and chance that he/she is lying while thumbsucking. So cute, is'nt it?

Well, let's wait later.
P.S. I'm doing good and so far no pick and throw snydrome. Hope it will stay smooth as it is.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Just this morning we went to the hospital for bloodletting. I was a little bit reluctant since the last time I sit in that laboratory room was quite threatening.

When I first arrived in Holland I have to undergo certain tests that requires sufficient bloodletting but in a horrifying state that they can't find my right vein to inject. At the end I received seven unsuccessful needle combat.
So the second time this morning created a feeling of uneasiness. But I have to get ready since the series of blood tests is just about to begin for this pregnancy. You think I'm donating my blood? Hey not nor selling it :-) They need to test if I'm free from any infections and away from probable diseases that might harm for my pregnancy. Well, I have to swallow all my doubts and do what the baby needs, right? Anyway, it went very fine. My vein was so cooperative and the attendant got five syringe filled of my blood. She was also happy after we're done. She was relieved after she heard my story the first time I sit on that chair :-)

Now, my tummy is 11 weeks old. On the 28th of this month we will see our baby again for the second ultrasound. We're looking forward to it.

Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My 1st pregnancy consultation

Yesterday we went to the verloskundige (midwife), who is specially trained in providing total care for the expectant mother here in the Netherlands. From this first visit until my delivery, I'll be up-close to my midwife :-)

For the first time, I had my first baby ultrasound. It was very special. We saw our baby. From this moment, I can already believe it that there's a life inside down in my tummy. I'm 9 weeks and 5 days preggy now:-) I'm expected to due on the 8th of february.

As usual, when we went home, we're being handed down with so many paper works and many paperbacks to read. This week will be expected to make different calls for appointments, for another check ups and laboratories.

Take note: I don't have any food cravings eversince. I hope I can make this pregnancy lighter and sexier :-) Now, I'm wearing a pregnancy dress. Just quite excited how I look :-)

By the way, I'm encouraging anyone to suggest names for our angel (girl or boy, whatever). It's still early but I know this gonna be a long fight against hubby :-) So why not starting thinking about it. Right?
Stay tuned...

Friday, June 20, 2008

the doctor is in...

We knocked our huisarts (doctor) downstairs in the morning. She knew we're coming and she congratulated us. It was just a brief orientation and then she gave us some referrals and folders-to-read about our next what to-do's. Our doctor gave me some few advises and tips. However, there was one thing I did'nt expect.

Ummmmh. For the first time I was just down-naked in-front of a stranger, and not only like that but she tried to do what a doctor does. I was actually blushing. Thanks that our GP is She.
Well, I think it was just a warm-up:-) I should get ready for more.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Second test

Just today early morning, before I off to work, I did the second test. Two strips :-) No doubt but both of us can't still believe it. That we've made it...a life inside!

FYI, I just stopped my pills two months ago for more than a year of taking. Fyi again, in span of two months I did already two negative tests (being excited) before it became positive. Now, so soon...in nine months time, we will be norturing and raising a new life in our home. Many couple waited for long, and for us...it happened as what we've ask for. Hubby said, that we're just really blessed with a comforting smile while saying it. His answer was already enough for me. (Thanks honey for being here).

At press time, only me and hubby know that I'm preggy. We will tell everyone after consulting our doctor tomorrow.

I'm keeping my mouth shut though I would already like to spread the news. Well, I can still hold it. This page is not yet introduce to our family and friends. So, I'm just openly sharing my thoughts here, though no one might reading this post. Anyway, I'll launch this journal as soon we've made the formal announcement.
Bye for now.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Open Announcement

When you plan of something that you achieved, just right there it feels so overwhelming that you forget how to react normal.

We've plan this year and this bound to happen. Just in this morning, my piece of test is positive. I'm pregnant people :-)...

I was speechless...I felt glad but there was a feeling of anxiety not to jump for joy. I would like to be sure before I'll shout that I am. But then, I did not like to do again the test right away, so I called up hubby in his work. Tried to be calmed and relaxed as I could, just to feel as a normal morning. My question to him was: Are you happy? Stupid question but I would like to know. Of course he was! He was at first worried about me, of what I'm feeling. I was fine I said. Fine...I'm happy but I was scared then...mixed of feelings but for sure, these are pieces that we need to grow with later.

This is now my new page of life.

I'm inviting family, friends, and anyone just happened to bump on here...to share and be a part of this journey. For our future child, this serves as a window of myself from the time of conceiving to giving birth. A book that he/she will love to read later in life.

I will give a toast! Cheers