Friday, June 20, 2008

the doctor is in...

We knocked our huisarts (doctor) downstairs in the morning. She knew we're coming and she congratulated us. It was just a brief orientation and then she gave us some referrals and folders-to-read about our next what to-do's. Our doctor gave me some few advises and tips. However, there was one thing I did'nt expect.

Ummmmh. For the first time I was just down-naked in-front of a stranger, and not only like that but she tried to do what a doctor does. I was actually blushing. Thanks that our GP is She.
Well, I think it was just a warm-up:-) I should get ready for more.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Second test

Just today early morning, before I off to work, I did the second test. Two strips :-) No doubt but both of us can't still believe it. That we've made it...a life inside!

FYI, I just stopped my pills two months ago for more than a year of taking. Fyi again, in span of two months I did already two negative tests (being excited) before it became positive. Now, so nine months time, we will be norturing and raising a new life in our home. Many couple waited for long, and for happened as what we've ask for. Hubby said, that we're just really blessed with a comforting smile while saying it. His answer was already enough for me. (Thanks honey for being here).

At press time, only me and hubby know that I'm preggy. We will tell everyone after consulting our doctor tomorrow.

I'm keeping my mouth shut though I would already like to spread the news. Well, I can still hold it. This page is not yet introduce to our family and friends. So, I'm just openly sharing my thoughts here, though no one might reading this post. Anyway, I'll launch this journal as soon we've made the formal announcement.
Bye for now.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Open Announcement

When you plan of something that you achieved, just right there it feels so overwhelming that you forget how to react normal.

We've plan this year and this bound to happen. Just in this morning, my piece of test is positive. I'm pregnant people :-)...

I was speechless...I felt glad but there was a feeling of anxiety not to jump for joy. I would like to be sure before I'll shout that I am. But then, I did not like to do again the test right away, so I called up hubby in his work. Tried to be calmed and relaxed as I could, just to feel as a normal morning. My question to him was: Are you happy? Stupid question but I would like to know. Of course he was! He was at first worried about me, of what I'm feeling. I was fine I said. Fine...I'm happy but I was scared then...mixed of feelings but for sure, these are pieces that we need to grow with later.

This is now my new page of life.

I'm inviting family, friends, and anyone just happened to bump on share and be a part of this journey. For our future child, this serves as a window of myself from the time of conceiving to giving birth. A book that he/she will love to read later in life.

I will give a toast! Cheers