Monday, August 25, 2008

Kruimeltjes heart beat

We already heard for the first time our baby's heatbeat dated last friday (22/08/08). It was special. When I heard it, it was like O my God! A life breathing inside of me! We heard something like a brushing of wind, a creature just learning how to catch his breath. Amazing I should say.

At this stage, our kruimel has now developed his/her twenty tiny nails. Starts to identify the dark and light. So in the morning, I try to catch sunshine and expose my belly for the baby to feel that it's daytime.

Just last saturday night, when I was lying on bed, I had felt the move of the baby the first that I've ever notice, that made me was a little bit ticklish though.

Just had a pose of my 4 months old tummy :-)

By the way, I'm starting my list of baby names. After sunday church service, we walked down to a coffee shop and right there I did while hubby was busy reading a magazine. So far, I got five names for every gender. Take note, it was just for an hour...maybe I can write a book out of names for the next few months :-)

Have a nice day !