Wednesday, January 21, 2009

surprised baby shower

This is an old happening but I would like to post this as our baby's future to-read journal.

Our picture with all the gifts...

My friends and family of my hubby surprised me a baby shower last month. Hehehe...To remember it right, it was the last first week of december 2008. Hubby knew it actually but then, he was also surprised about the rest of the agenda. They really organized it perfectly, that they see to it that I was home that day. Thanks to my parents-in law it was because they had arranged an appointment for a short visit at home. Naturally, I was set to be home. They told me it was short so I did'nt need to prepare for them...That was it.

My parents in law arrived...and I was just relaxed to receive them and just few more minutes...a knock in our door followed. I opened the door and there a group of familiar faces greeted me.
It was really great. I was speechless. I used to surprised people but I'm not used being surprised and feel like sitting on a hot seat :-)

It was well organized that I was just receiving them and felt that I was really at our home. They brought food and of course gifts...Hmmm...we we're lucky :-) We received a lot... They also gave us a diaper warm-up. We succeeded from that test.

Thank you friends and to my hubby's loving family who are also my family now. Thanks for all your support. We would not forget that day...right Kruimeltje?

Just waiting...

So we're just waiting when Kruimel is ready to come out :-) quite exciting heh! It's a little bit sad that I'm not able to update all things happened tru-out my pregnancy. Blame the time people!
Well, still trying to post them...but now it's just too busy to sit and type.

For the record, our baby room is already finished. We received a lot of baby stuff from handed-down to new items. Some items I already don't know how exactly to use them hehehe!

Anyways, somebody will help me to set things out. A kraamzorg hulp...I don't know how to translate them exactly but she's like a social helper specialized to help the mother and newlyborn and who is paid by our insurance caregiver.

For this last trimester, I'm still enjoyong it and have much time playing with the baby...The movements are stronger now and sometimes I just received a kick anywhere...but they were tender and loving touch that the baby's ways to let us now that there's a life inside of me.

later I'll post more and even pics... wishe me well and I'll just about to got out with my bike...Don't raise an eyebrow on me...├žoz yes, I'm still biking at my 37 wks +3 days old tummy...

See you later.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome 2009

(This is posted in my Journal with this tag Welcome 2009.

Hello friends... I would like to start my blog with my warmest greetings to everyone. All the best for this new year 2009.

When we look back to what we did in the past few years...sometimes we're not satisfied and thought that we've done not enough. But realistically, we did it guys. Though we did'nt surpass all the challenges but then we did our best and we're now to start a brand new year.

It means that we had built a memory about things in the past, things that we once spent our time, effort, attention and even love. We deserved for a another year and even have the chance to make things right and make it beter on what we've done wrong thinking backwards.

For me, I would say that I did a lot despite of my weaknesses. Not to mention my not-easy times here in Netherlands but then, for every new year, we make things even better. For the record, I've good three years living here and am still counting.
With God's graces and his ever supply of love...I'm filled. I'm blessed with my hubby, with his family, with our friends here as well as in my native home.

With this new year, we are welcoming it with joy and more challenge to come. I'm now on my 37th weeks of pregnancy, and we're now excited to have a new family member. Basically, we're growing in number this year :-) A good sign of blessing. This is really a challenge coupled with responsibility. Sometimes is scary but then, I would think that I just have so much to share that God gives us more people to love and to care nonetheless of the difficulty that may come. For sure He will provide.

Right image is the traditional oliebollen being served during new year's eve. So we did with champagne is best lekker (taste good)!

For all the happiness and dissapointments in the past...let them be our shield to face 2009.