Wednesday, January 21, 2009

surprised baby shower

This is an old happening but I would like to post this as our baby's future to-read journal.

Our picture with all the gifts...

My friends and family of my hubby surprised me a baby shower last month. Hehehe...To remember it right, it was the last first week of december 2008. Hubby knew it actually but then, he was also surprised about the rest of the agenda. They really organized it perfectly, that they see to it that I was home that day. Thanks to my parents-in law it was because they had arranged an appointment for a short visit at home. Naturally, I was set to be home. They told me it was short so I did'nt need to prepare for them...That was it.

My parents in law arrived...and I was just relaxed to receive them and just few more minutes...a knock in our door followed. I opened the door and there a group of familiar faces greeted me.
It was really great. I was speechless. I used to surprised people but I'm not used being surprised and feel like sitting on a hot seat :-)

It was well organized that I was just receiving them and felt that I was really at our home. They brought food and of course gifts...Hmmm...we we're lucky :-) We received a lot... They also gave us a diaper warm-up. We succeeded from that test.

Thank you friends and to my hubby's loving family who are also my family now. Thanks for all your support. We would not forget that day...right Kruimeltje?

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