Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the baby prepees...

It was my 19th week, that hubby started to put up the baby room. It was not yet completely finished but the baby closet, bed, drawers etc. were already fixed.

Before all the fixing was done, I did my part which is cleaning the room. So, voila! Here are some shots that I took.

This was done two weeks ago...the final touch :-) where this piece finally fixed to the wall. There was a need of this annoying drilling machine.

The final view...
(below photo).

Right above is the view of the baby room, before you get in...( Is the baby in? :-))

The baby bed (at the left) with a music mobile...that plays Mozart, Bach and Beethoven... Uhmmmm..we'll see how the baby's sensory motors react to that classical pieces...

The baby box (following photo), which we placed in our living room serves as a playpen and of course, the baby can also sleep here during the day. Temporarily, we're using a baby craddle made of ratan that's placed on top of the box. This is just nice for the baby when just couple of weeks old. When the child grows, the box can be adjusted and can be lower down, just safe to play not to get out while mommy is busy later cleaning the laundry :-(

Well, with all these basic preparations, we're all set but there are just more than that. Physical, emotional, mental, social, spritual and financial aspects are combined and make them balance to the daily family living. That's the biggest challenge that we can't ever prepared for. We can anticipate them and try to plan contingencies, but still not enough not to get worried. At the moment, we're over supplied of informative books and naturally, overflowing ideas found in the web on how to survive the challenge.

But most of all, the strongest way is just to pray, pray, pray, pray....and pray.

Let's pray for each other.